segunda-feira, 4 de julho de 2011

middle "lego" earth

"The concept was born at BrickWorld 2010. Kelso and I were talking and we thought "hey, wouldn't it be fun to do a collaborative?" Sure it would. So after a little thought (and some other concepts that will remain nameless as they may be future projects) I said to him "Hey, I got it... let's do Lord of the Rings." He says to me "You mean like... a few of us build Minas Tirith or Barad Dur?" "No, no, no..." I replied "Let's do Middle Earth... ALL of it." 
Of course the reaction was "You're nuts" (or something to that effect... explitives deleted) but after a little probing and prodding the plan was put into action!"

Um ano para fazer tudo isto? 
Puta madre, que trabalho fantástico! Como se não bastasse, há o pormenor do mapa por debaixo das peças.
Duas imagens coladas nesta banda, mas há mais por onde deliciar-se entre o "Shire" e "Gondor".

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